My Designs

Doing good research is the start of a good design. In my opinion it is very importen to know exactly what the problem is before you start designing.

I believe in the words "Less is more” and I like to translate that into my products.

Design is more then just making something beautiful. Products needs to have their own characteristics if they want stand out above the rest.

Diamond Bin

A garbage bin specially designed for it’s durability and striking appearance.


A modulair designed playground equipement.

Elderly Monitoring Care

An E-health product design for elderly with reduced mobility.

Beach BBQ

A triangulair BBQ specially design for the beach.

Perfume Bottle

A female perfume bottle for a sweet, warm and fresh smell.


A clean way to hide a big trash container.

Alarm Clock

Hand drawn renderings of an alarm clock.

Table Stand

A standing table to mount on a parasol pole.

Link System

A system of links designed for school project.

© Gert-Jan Hallink 2015